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Go Fast Alone Or Far Together

It is a common misconception by some leaders that they can do it faster alone. How many times have you heard "I am working on a deadline and it will take longer to explain what I am doing, so instead I have to just do it myself…". In the short term, this philosophy might work, but in the long term it is not feasible. For one teams that work together are the ones that are consistently successful. Secondly, this type of mentality is what causes burnout. These are the managers who stay late and you get emails from at all hours of the day/night and over the weekend. Managers need to learn that delegation is a gift. While the first time you need to explain a new process or task, and it might take longer than doing it yourself. The next time it will save you time and you have taught someone a new skill. This delegation will prepare them for their future within the organization.

I took this picture when I was on a family vacation this summer. As a group we came up with an agenda that all of our needs. One of our activities was swimming with wild dolphins. Not everyone joined in the water, but as a group everyone had a great time and played a part in the day. It was amazing to see how dolphins worked together and how fast and far they go as a group. In the short term, you might go faster alone, but in the long term your entire team INCLUDING YOU wins when you go together!

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