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Knowledge Is Power?

We often hear knowledge is power, but how many times have you been in a meeting and the presenter goes deep. They spend most of their time telling you how and not enough time telling you why. They go way deep...until your so deep in the forest you can't remember how you got there. They use all their "corporate speak", add a few internal acronyms and give you justifications for question you didn't even have yet. Everyone's eyes start to gloss over and their minds wander to their checklist or what they need to buy at the market. While sometimes it is important to go into the HOW, most times it is better to spend your time on the WHY. If you don't have a reason WHY your presentation is important, then you should not be having a meeting. Knowledge is Power....but too much Knowledge can cause confusion and frustration. Your audience deserves to be informed, but remember that knowledge is only power if they retain and understand what you tell them.

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